What could be more fun than babies?

Geo and babies
You’ve seen this picture of my grandfather “Geo”, famously labeled “Daddy and some babies” by my mom and her sister, in “Raised By Swedes” and “Hide and Seek”.

The answer is simple: More babies!prototypeWhich brings me to one of the projects I did with “my girls” over the summer. (“Second Childhood, Part 2” was another fun one, in case you missed it.)extra baby socksYou may remember that I showed you all these baby socks awhile back, when I was on a roll trying to trim socks with lace for Baby Meredith. (Truth in blogging: The fact that you see so many still here attests to the fact that I only finished one pair successfully.) So in preparation for the girls coming over, I took to Pinterest and found…Diaper Babies!with bag of diapersSo basically what you do, is you roll up disposable diapers (I got the small size at Target, a bag of 44 for under $5.00. Not that I know anything about babies, but I thought that was a pretty good deal.) Then you glue or tape them, so they don’t unroll, and you wrap them with cute fabrics and use baby socks for their hats. Above is the “prototype” I made the night before, just to be sure the project would even work.coloringAs I might have known, the girls proved to be much more creative than I was at decorating their babies. camo pacifierButtons immediately became pacifiers.girl newbornAdding stripes to the sock-hat and white fabric accurately duplicated the newborn blankets from the hospital. purple baby dressEyelashes and rosy cheeks provide an added flair.1st 10Since I had 44 diapers (well, 43 after making the sample one), I told the girls they could make as many as they wanted. These are only the first ten. (Yes, you read that right: the first ten.)buttons1We pretty much all know how many buttons I have, right? If you want to see the rest, feel free to go back and read “Button, Button”.making initialsSo with the aid of a few popsicle sticks, they decided to make initials for the individual babies.initialsI’ve already forgotten the babies’ names, but here are some of them with their initials.nappingAt one point it was time for their naps, and conveniently most of them fit in Foster’s cardboard box “cat condo”.babies on reclinerThen we put them on the recliner for a group photo.babies on deskThis is from when we played “hide and seek” with the babies. If I remember right, each of us was responsible for hiding the others’ babies, and then we had to find our own. babies with bearsIf you are going to have this many babies, you will need parents for them (something I myself had not thought of). So off we went to the guest room to get out the stuffed animals. hospitalIt was decided that all the babies would be sets of twins, a boy and a girl each. Here you see two moms with their twins in the hospital.boy and girl twinsHow adorable is this?dads visitingOops, almost forgot the dads came to visit, too!babies on tv trayI counted 18 babies in this photo. That’s not all of them. In the end, I sent the girls home with something like 26 babies, with a few still in progress, and the bag of remaining diapers! (Not sure how thrilled their parents were, but hey, we had a blast making and playing with them.) And I learned that kids today can be every bit as imaginative as we were 50 years ago.

So there you have it…another great project, finished!

the tableAnd it just wouldn’t be “me” if we hadn’t made a huge mess in the process!