Life on the Edge

Hi everyone, it’s me, Foster, reporting from the edge…

on the edge 1Mom was looking at me the other day while I was sitting on the corner of the kitchen table, and she remarked to herself how I always seem to sit right on the edge of stuff. The table was kind of messy so she didn’t take a picture of that (you know how she is about “truth in blogging”), but it did give her the idea for this post. She said she had lots of photos that would work, and that I could write the captions.tiny on bedframeFirst of all, let me say that I’ve enjoyed sitting on the edge of things ever since I was a baby. You’ve seen this picture if you’ve read our post “Then and Now”. But Mom likes it so much she said we had to use it in this post, too.edge of bedframeAmazing how I can still get all four of my feet on the corner of the bed frame, isn’t it?

This is me on the edge of the dresser when I was little. Mom thought I looked sad so she edited this photo to make a “Missing You” card for her Zazzle store.efge of mantleMom says this is why she can’t have nice things on the mantle. bedroom shelf 2One thing I have to say is that I have plenty of shelves around the house. The ones in the bedroom are pretty narrow, so you kind of can’t help being on the edge.shelf over bedMom likes this one a lot because of my fluffy tail. I did tell you I’m mostly fur, didn’t I? I’m sure I get it from my Maine Coon ancestry. Kind of cool how my shadow is on the ceiling, huh? bedroom shelfI will say that with this edge business there is almost never enough room for your tail.another on chairOne of my favorite things to do is to jump from the floor all the way to the top of the computer chair! See how nicely I can balance? I can even do this when someone is sitting in the chair, but it does tend to startle chair 1The top of the computer chair is a good place to “chill out” and contemplate the meaning of life. Or at least the meaning of the wall.on chair looking at computerIf you try your hardest you might be able to reach the computer desk, but just don’t fall off the edge…climbing downI love that my tail fits perfectly on the shelf behind me. Foster on MADK shelfI do like my climbing shelves, but they are super narrow, so they aren’t the most comfortable for napping.feet off of shelfFor napping you need something a little wider, even if your feet do hang off the edge sometimes.cute faceI have discovered that the cuter you can make your face look, the more pictures people will take of you.all four feetIf you’re going to sit on the edge, you should try to have all four feet together in one spot.foster on shelfSometimes it’s fun to just look down from the edge.

 Funny how Mom always manages to take pictures of me no matter where I am. Notice how I have arranged all four of my feet in a straight row. This takes considerable talent, especially when you’re on the of reclinerNow I don’t recommend this, but if you absolutely must stand on the top of the recliner, just remember to be careful on the edge…prayer roomNot sure why I decided to try this but sleeping on the edge was considerably less comfortable than I thought it would be.edge of sinkHere are some more random pictures of me on the edge of things.

I guess you’ve heard the saying, “If I fits, I sits…”

Even if it is on the edge!