“Inktober”, Part 2

But first, a review of Inktober, Part 1…

I know you have been wondering (or not) where the rest of my “Inktober” drawings have been. Well, most of them have been in my mind, up until this week, when I realized I was so far behind I that I had to do about 10 drawings all in one day. So now I’m up to 28, so as of tomorrow, I’m one day ahead! It may be “Inkvember” around here if I don’t get busy, but hey, I only have three more to do, so there is hope.cruel, whaleSo I went to Barnes & Noble with my sketchbook, looking forward to working on my “Inktober” drawings. I got my coffee and went to sit outside. The weather was perfect, and it promised to be a nice couple of hours. As I was thinking of what I could draw for the word “cruel”, a huge puff of cigarette smoke wafted over to me from a neighboring table. Now, this is no offense to anybody who smokes, but immediately I got my idea…it seemed a “cruel” twist of fate that I would be saturated with second-hand smoke while trying to draw pictures and enjoy my coffee. I sketched it out with pencil, and then it dawned on me that those ladies, like others have before, could get up to leave, walk past me,  look over my shoulder and ask,  “Are you an artist?” How embarrassing would that be? So I cut my visit short and did the “ink” part when I got home.guarded, clockNext came “guarded” and “clock”. I couldn’t think of how to draw “guarded” as an adjective, so I went with the verb. I thought “clock” was rather boring, so I took advantage of the opportunity to do something quick and unimaginative. weak, angularI have to say I enjoyed doing these two. Don’t know if you agree, but weak coffee does not count as coffee at my house. The word “angular” was easy, inspired by Foster and Panda’s trip to the Louvre and their adventures in Paris.swollen, bottle“Swollen” was super hard to think of, so I guess this will have to do. For “bottle” I used a favorite scripture that reminds me that God does take notice of our tears. scorched, breakableYou had to have been a little kid in the 1960s to appreciate my idea for “scorched”. Try as I might, I could think of nothing but the beginning of  the show “Bonanza”, where the map starts burning at Virginia City as the theme music is playing. It would only be fair to mention here that “Bonanza” came on past our bedtime, but we were allowed to jump out of bed and run into the living room when we heard “the song”, just to see Little Joe ride out on his horse. Once “the song” was over it was time to go back to bed, but we were happy with that. Who can figure little kids? As for “breakable”, well, anyone who has ever had a cat will totally understand.drain, expensiveI thought it was convenient that these two ended up son the same page, so I combined them. Because if you have to get your drain fixed, it can get expensive. And if you decide to do it yourself, you might want to read “Don’t Try This at Home” first. It took me nearly three days to change out my bathroom faucet, and I was sore for weeks. But it was all part of learning  “The Art of Being Big Girl”.muddy, chopIf you’ve ever had a dog (or an outside cat, for that matter), you will understand “muddy.” And yes, I totally cheated on “chop” but we can just call it “artistic” license.prickly, stretchDue to having saved pages in my sketchbook for the rest of my  “ABC Animals”, in order to finish Inktober I had to start drawing on the back of the previous ones. I think “prickly” and “stretch” can speak for themselves.thunder, giftHow many of you know you cannot draw thunder? So I decided to just draw the lightening and do the sound effects. “Gift” was fun, because everyone knows that cats like boxes better than the gifts they have in them.

Just saying.