ABC Animals Part 6 – Zebra!

You may have seen this before…

panda on zebra3It’s from Foster and Panda’s adventure, “Safari”, when Foster wanted to go to Africa to visit his big cat relatives. In this photo, Panda has jumped up onto a zebra’s back and jokes that they may be his long-lost relatives. Foster, as usual, admonishes him to get down, fearing he might get hurt. You can read the whole story by clicking here. zebra directionsI said all that to say this…ZEBRA starts with “Z” and that’s the only letter I had left in order to finish my ABC animals art journal. So I decided to look on Pinterest for some drawing ideas. This one looked pretty easy, so I clicked on “Visit”.subscribeUnfortunately, this is what I got. Since I was not going to mess with subscribing, I kept searching. I wanted something a little more whimsical anyway, since the idea of drawing a realistic-looking zebra did not necessarily appeal to me.

zebra dirctions 2

Soon I came across this one, and figured I didn’t need to read the directions if I just looked at the diagram.zebraI was right – it wasn’t that hard. I added some more stripes, and thought some “zentangle” inspired flowers would look nice in the background. But since I was drawing while holding the sketchbook on my lap, the book bent slightly causing the stray marks you see above the words “does not”.

pencil marksI thought of trying to disguise them by continuing the flower pattern, but I wasn’t that crazy about it once I penciled it in.zebra fixed.pngThen it occurred to me that I could just “photoshop” the lines out. Of course that still doesn’t solve the problem of the hard copy in the sketch book, but I thought white-out might make it worse, so I left it that way. yellow background 1smI thought it would be fun to do yellow squares in the background but was a bit hesitant, so I experimented with my “Paint Shop Pro” program. yellow background 2 smThen I wondered what it would look like if I reversed the pattern. zebra multicolor smThen I got carried away and tried all different colors. The background on this one is whiter, which I do like, but not enough to go back and change the other ones!

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So now I can say I finished both my ABC Animals and Inktober 2018, all in the same sketch book! And it pretty much took all the pages.

sketch book.JPG

Guess this means I’ll have to go buy a new one!