You Can’t Have Too Many…

You’ve heard the phrase “You can’t be too rich or too thin,” right?

panda on fosters back sm2Well, I have never agreed with either part of that saying, and neither have Foster and Panda. But there are some things you definitely can’t have enough (or too many) of, and we will be addressing that here. You can see if you agree or not.

1. You can’t have too many art supplies.

And, they can’t be all put away neatly in their places.

They need to be strewn throughout the house where you can get to them whenever you need them. If you put them away, you might forget where they are, and that’s another post in itself.

2. You can’t have too many rocks, painted or otherwise.

These can be on your desk or outside on your craft table. The important thing is that they are readily accessible for whenever the rock-painting inspiration strikes you.  Click here to read my first “rock painting post”, entitled “Never Will a Rock”.

on stoveOr in case any little girls come over to do art projects during the summer. (And, no, we didn’t bake them. We just used the cookie sheet to set them aside to dry.)

3. You can’t have too many coffee cups.

coffee cupsSome coffee cups are just for looks. These are my “MADK” cups, which, as most things in my house, have a story behind them.madk cups in store“MADK” stands for “Mark Andrew” and “Debra Kay”. (It’s not “Mad K, which is what most people see.) We chose this for the beginning of our email address years ago. Anyway I’d had my eye out for some cups to put up in my “Talavera kitchen” and when I saw these at Target I arranged them in order and texted this picture to my sister and asked, “Should I get these?” Of course she said “Yes!” I didn’t know if I wanted to pay $4.99 apiece for them, but was afraid if I waited for them to go on sale they might not have the letters I needed. I do like the way they look on the wall, so I’m glad I got them.

paris cupAnd if you have an adventurous cat, you might even get a “virtual” coffee cup, like the “Paris” one you see here. Read “A Trip to the Louvre” for details.

4. You can’t have too many pictures of your cat.

close up collage 1

close up collage2smThis really goes without saying. Especially if they are close-ups. These pictures can be on your phone, saved to the “Cloud”,  or on your computer in a folder named “Misc Foster.”

5. You can’t have too many projects going at the same time.

projects going

sewing projectsThis goes for outdoor as well as indoor projects. The more things you have going, the more choices you have when you want to create something but you’re not sure what you feel like working on.

And finally, you can never have enough ideas!

squished on bookshelf 2Which means you can never have enough craft books or fabric or buttons or mosaic pieces or paints or thread or trim…

…or time to work on your projects and then write blog posts about them! Just thinking about all this work is making me sleepy…crosswordIt is kind of late. Maybe it’s time to get in bed and do crossword puzzles.