“…His strength is in the clouds.” – Psalm 68:34

oil derrickI have always liked Psalm 68:34. The whole text is  “Ascribe ye strength unto God: his excellency is over Israel, and his strength is in the clouds.”  It’s easy to see God’s handiwork throughout nature, but especially when you look at awesome cloud formations.birdsOn the way to our mom’s for Thanksgiving, I remarked to my sister how much I would like to take a picture of the clouds. She immediately responded with “You’re not taking pictures while you’re driving!” Then she volunteered to take them for me, and over the next half hour or so she captured some incredible photos with  my phone.birds screen shotIt wasn’t until later, when I texted her some of the photos she had taken, that we noticed the bird in the bottom corner of the picture you just saw. Another reminder that sometimes we “see”, but we don’t always “observe”.white cross I didn’t notice this white cross until I started cropping the pictures – a memorial to all of us that somebody’s loved one lost their life in an accident along the highway.dark cloudsWhat I like about this is that the clouds look like an arch of sorts just above the horizon. Almost like you could drive right under it.clouds and roadIf you really look at this one, you might see a giant animal with teeth…clouds and road animalSee? Is it a dinosaur? A giant lizard? A monster? Friend or foe? black mtThat’s Black Mountain in the distance. I looked it up and discovered that there are “Black Mountains” all over the US, with several in California. There is even a town called Black Mountain in North Carolina. It seems like a nice little town. You can read about it here.animal in cloudsHere’s similar view. Wait-is that another giant animal in the clouds?clouds with hillsThese are the Avenal Hills, or technically the Kettleman Hills. They look like this pretty much year-round. I remember there was one year when I was in school that the hills were green and covered with wildflowers. If I have any pictures of it, they were taken with a “Brownie” camera and they are in a box somewhere in my sewing room, so you know how long it will be before you ever see those on this blog! wall of cloudsAs we approached our hometown, the clouds continued to be amazing. Doesn’t it look like a wall of clouds is blocking the road ahead? truck on roadEvery now and then you do see another vehicle on this road.


Entering town.antique storeGoing past the antique store…avenal bucsComing up to the high school…ahs wide viewHome of the Buccaneers!back to the futureWe had to laugh at this marquis though. Apparently we had arrived in town a couple of years before either of us were born! And in the summer, no less!AHS bushSee the bushes in the shape of “AHS”? They’ve been there forever.ahsThere used to be a small black canon on the lawn too;  buccaneers, you know. Is it just me or is it missing? (Truth in blogging: I just noticed that, like right now.) Maybe our photo is just from the wrong angle? Hmm…

By the time we headed home, the clouds had started to dissipate.

on way homeBut to me, the view was still amazing. Thank goodness I had my sister to take the pictures for me so I could focus (no pun intended) on driving!

6 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. Charlee: “Hey, the team at the big high school here is also called the Buccaneers!”
    Chaplin: “Pirates must be popular!”
    Charlee: “Those clouds are nice. We could sit and watch the clouds blow around in the sky for a while, I think.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, as long as it doesn’t start raining!”

    1. Hi Charlee and Chaplin,
      We’re glad you liked Mom’s “clouds” post! We like clouds too, but are glad we didn’t have to ride in the car to Grandma’s house!
      Your friends,
      Foster and Panda 🐱🐼☁️

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