If you’re ever at our house for very long, you might hear one of Mom’s Agatha Christie audio books.

whiskers looking to sideI bring this up because of Hercule Poirot, the little Belgian detective who routinely caresses his luxuriant “mustaches”. It got me thinking… that Hercule Poirot has nothing on me and my “mustaches”!scratching chin 2So Mom said I could do a post about my whiskers. Fortunately she had plenty of pictures of them in the computer. All she had to do was crop them in closer so you could see how luxuriant they really are.whiskers babyI’ve pretty much had long whiskers ever since I was a baby. Mom read that cats use their whiskers for all kinds of things, like feeling around in the dark and determining whether or not we will fit into tight spaces. That could be true, but I think our whiskers mostly serve to make us look cool!whiskers baby feetMom also read that we have whiskers on the underside of our front legs. This is to help us accurately position our prey since we are farsighted and can’t see stuff that’s really close to us that well. whiskers 2Mom likes it that most of my whiskers are white, so they show up well in photos.whiskers close upShe thinks they look cool against a variety of backgrounds.whiskers whiteDo you like how they show up against the fireplace?whiskers close up shelfSee how they show up in the light when I’m on the bedroom windowsill?whiskers flower shelfDon’t I look mysterious?whiskers and green eyesOur whiskers also serve as an indication of our mood. I think I look a bit startled in this picture. Is it the whiskers or the eyes? whiskers by mirrorThis is my thoughtful, inquisitive look. whiskers blue bookThis is my intelligent look. See how I am sitting on top of a book, and how my whiskers are arranged evenly on both sides, except for that one that’s bent upwards on the right?whiskers 1Actually, my whiskers aren’t all the same length. But look how long some of them are! Mom just said that she read in an article that our whiskers are usually as long as the width of our bodies.whiskers in denThat’s how they help us know if we should or shouldn’t attempt to go through something like a hole in the fence, or even our den.whiskers pandaWait, Mom, are you saying having long whiskers means I’m chubby?whiskers with blindsOur whiskers are extra sensitive because their follicles have lots more nerve endings than those of our regular hairs. The article says you should never cut our whiskers. If you do, we will feel dizzy and disoriented.whiskers looking upIn this photo you can see that we also have whiskers above our eyes. You might also notice that I do have one black whisker on the left side. whiskers blue blanketYou kind of have to watch out when you sleep, because you run the risk of squishing your luxuriant mustaches.whiskers on backThat’s one reason I like sleeping on my back whenever possible.whiskers sleeping upside downMuch safer for the mustaches!whiskers under quiltSo now you know about cat whiskers.whiskers funny face

Any questions?

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