Home (but not) Alone

close up eyesHi! This is Foster with a special report! If you’ve read my previous posts “Home Alone”  and  “Home Alone Part 2”,   you know that Mom doesn’t like to leave me home by myself. But in past few weeks I have spent a total of 14 nights by myself!! Not in a row, you understand, but still, it was quite an adventure. I think Mom was more traumatized than I was, to be honest.

First off, before Christmas Mom went to Southern California on the train to see Christy and her family. She was gone for three nights that time. Kate and Meredith came to check on me twice a day, and as you can see here, while I wasn’t the happiest camper, Kate tried to make me feel better with “lovies”.meredithThen after Christmas, she went to Grandma’s (on the other side of Beulah Land), and I was by myself for 5 more nights. As usual, Kate and Meredith came to see me in the  morning and evening. I won’t lie and say I’m not an ever so teeny bit scared of tiny humans with flashlights, so I did hide under the bed quite a bit this time. Meredith and heaterMeredith tends to make herself at home, though. Here she is looking inside the faux wood stove heater that Mom almost never uses. To be on the safe side, I kept my distance behind the vintage dictionaries on the hearth. (In case you weren’t “Raised By Swedes” like Mom was, let me just point out that “there is always an element of risk.”)

It turns out Grandma was having some health issues, so Mom brought her back to stay with us for awhile. I decided to take the best care of Grandma that I could.

I took my job very seriously.

I even checked periodically to make sure the balloons and flowers were okay. But then, before I knew it, they decided to go back to Grandma’s for five more nights!

grading papersThis time, Mom’s teacher friend, Karen, said she thought I needed attention in the afternoons between Kate and Meredith’s visits. So after school she would come over hang out with me for awhile. This is when she was correcting papers. grading papers 1I guess she should have realized I wasn’t going to let her get anything done!grading papers 2The whole time Kate and Karen were texting Mom pictures and updates so she wouldn’t worry about me. She said I was probably getting more attention with her gone than I do when she’s at home!peeking outAfter awhile I started not being quite as afraid of Meredith. Here I am peeking out of the hallway to check them out.new lensKate just got a new iPhone with a wide angle lens, so she was trying it out while she was here. You’ll notice Panda in the foreground. where's pandaIt became one of the highlights of Kate and Karen’s day to see where Panda would be each time they arrived. Of course they both kept mom informed.

I may have failed to admit to you that I’m grounded from my water fountain again, so Mom put my plastic water dish back on the bathroom counter. Karen let me drink out of the faucet which was a nice change of pace.

Mom was constantly amazed at  the quality of closeups Karen got with her phone. I’m thinking maybe I could be on a calendar, or at least Mom could post my pictures on Pinterest.

Mom came back yesterday, and as you might have guessed, she had a lot of “blog material” just waiting to be used. I helped a little, but then it was time to nap in my usual chair while she typed and listened to the police scanner.

11 thoughts on “Home (but not) Alone

  1. Hi Foster, Isn’t it wonderful that your mom cares about you so much? We have regular visitations too when Bob & Sue are gone but not as much as you. I think it’s because Sue knows we have each other. – 😻😻 Tiger & Benji

  2. Lulu: “It sure was good of you to help take care of Grandma, Foster!”
    Charlee: “Hey, we have that same sort of tunnel here! Same colors too!”
    Chaplin: “We have been left home alone a few times. Mama and Dada have friends who come over to feed us and they spy on us with a pet webcam that spits treats. I don’t like missing out on blanket time, but I do like having treats shot at me!”

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