Foster and Panda Updates

A lot has been happening around here!

binders in libraryIn “Foster and Panda in Print!”, I told you that our stories have become popular with the students at our Christian school. Since that post, we have added more binders and even Foster and Panda bookmarks!binderYou’ll remember that I put all the pages into plastic page protectors, to keep them from the wear and tear of little screenNot long after that, it occurred to me that if would be fun to have bookmarks to go with the stories. The prototypes had curved edges, but it made more sense to make the edges straight, because then they could be cut out with a paper cutter.bookmarks on deskOur school librarian laminated them and gives them out as rewards when students return their books on time. They were an immediate hit with the kids!

Panda occasionally gets to accompany me to school, when I go to read stories to a class. basic yellowThen, as you know, I usually try to give out color pages to go with whatever story I read.

 That’s what gave me the idea of making coloring bookmarks. They had to be a little bigger than the other ones, and of course they couldn’t be laminated. I printed them on card stock. Then I thought it would be fun to put a free PDF here so you could print out your own. There are actually five pages, for a total of fifteen bookmarks. So for that, click on the link below:

Coloring Bookmarks

Now that you have your very own coloring bookmarks, here are a few more fun facts I thought I’d share.

foster and story I love this! Besides giving me ideas for new stories, the students have started writing and illustrating Foster and Panda stories of their own.Christmas cardsThis year, each student in the 1st and 2nd grade class received their very own Foster and Panda Christmas card.

Work continues on the Foster and Panda coloring pages. This is from their trip to Monterey Bay.

The boxes for the play sets look better if you put ModPodge on them. Click here if you missed “Foster and Panda Play Sets”.panda with mod podgeIf you don’t have card stock, you can print your play set figures on regular  paper and ModPodge them.

Panda has had to go back to wearing his hoodie with his jeans, since his plaid shirt has gotten more than somewhat messed up from roughhousing with Foster.a panda divingAnd, stay tuned for a fun scuba diving adventure in the Philippines! The story is in the works, but…cat out of bagDon’t let the cat out of the bag!

11 thoughts on “Foster and Panda Updates

  1. Most wonderful. innovative, and creative ideas. i love them all. Foster is just adorable in that bag and I am glad that both he and Panda keep coming up with more artistic ideas.

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