It’s a Colorful Life

Okay, I know you were all waiting for this…

coloring basic training

Or maybe not, but anyway…Now that a lot of our kids are out of school, it occurred to me that they might be in the mood for some Foster and Panda coloring pages. I know I would be!

I also realized that I hadn’t made color pages for the most recent two stories, “Friends in the Philippines” and “A Trip to Cape Town”. So I got to work and got those done. Below are the four newest coloring pages along with the link to click on to print them for free, as many times as you want. I included all four in the same PDF but you can choose which pages you want to print.

Click Here to Print: Philippines and Cape Town

copy that coloringThen it occurred to me that, although the majority of Foster and Panda’s young readers have probably already done most of the other coloring pages, with extra time on their hands, they may enjoy coloring them again. But I doubt if anyone feels like scrolling through all the stories just to find the ones with color pages posted at the cream coloringSo that’s where my new idea comes in. What if they could be found in one place (like this post) for easy reference? And what if there were also links to the stories, so you could easily go and read them again if you wanted to? So I decided to give it a try.

How many remember the fun adventures Foster and Panda had in Monterey and Yosemite? Click the link below to print!

Click Here to Print: Monterey and Yosemite

This should be enough to tide everyone over for now. I will add more as I get them formatted. Until then, get out your art supplies and start coloring!Foster with pencilOkay, Mom, I’m ready!

6 thoughts on “It’s a Colorful Life

  1. Julianne Lugo

    What a GREAT idea Debbie. You have a BIG heart. I have my nephews here with us due to no school. Will definitely be printing copies. Thank you for your thoughtfulness during the times we are living in. Be safe!!

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