Whimsical Garden Update

Since it was so pretty outside today…

geraniumsI decided to go walk around in my “whimsical” back yard. This time I thought it would be fun not only to share the garden’s progress with you, but also to try and get photos from perspectives I may not have considered before.pine needlesSo I got some close-ups. You will notice in this one that there are pine needles everywhere. That’s because my pine tree is kind of right above this part of the yard. It’s hard to clean them off, but having the rocks around the plants helps out.iris gardenI’m super excited about my new “iris garden”. I recently transplanted these from the garden my dad had planted years ago.

The photo on the left shows how Daddy’s iris looked on February 22, and at the right is how much they had grown by March 13. Mine don’t see to be growing that fast, but they have grown some.

 I have resorted to surrounding my iris with rocks and pebbles, because I have seen squirrels digging around at the bases like they are looking for the roots and/or bulbs. And since I seem to have an overabundance of glass gems, I thought it would be fun to sprinkle them around in the rocks. rocks and pine needlesWhich brings me to another interesting, if not somewhat alarming piece of information. Something besides squirrels has been in my yard. I had been noticing that something had been digging around in my potted succulents as well as the ones in the garden. I saw it one night when I heard a noise on the patio. Thinking it was a neighborhood cat, both Foster and I went to the sliding glass door and looked out.

As I turned on the patio light I saw the back of an animal with a huge fluffy brown tail walking away from the steps and heading toward the plants you see above. “Wow,” I thought, “that is one big Maine coon cat!” And then, when it reached the plants it turned and looked back at me and it was a raccoon!

a Panda and raccoon
You may remember Panda’s conversation with a kindly raccoon when he and Foster went to Yosemite

My reaction was twofold. First it was “Hey, a raccoon! There’s a real raccoon in my yard! How cool is that?” and the second was “Oh my word, there is a raccoon in my yard! This is probably not a good thing! What if it has rabies?” It was too dark to take a picture and I wasn’t going to open the door and go out there, so our visitor took the opportunity to scurry off.rocksI know that for some of you, seeing a raccoon your yard is no big deal, but we are talking about not the outskirts, but pretty much the center, of Fresno, California. It’s not really raccoon territory.  But around that time there had been several “raccoon sightings” not far away, so at least people believed me when I told them about it. At least I hope they did…

jade plantSo I decided to add pebbles to all my potted succulents, but where to put them?

It so happened that I had “rescued” this vintage step stool from my mom’s back yard last August. I originally wanted to repaint it (turquoise, of course) and use it as a plant stand in my patio.

But then I decided I liked it the way it was. (Plus I was too lazy to paint it after all.)  Complete with the “shabby chic” mosaic turtle, I think it looks pretty good!

 A few more random views…

nopales 2The nopales in the cactus area are doing nicely.

The “big plants” seem to enjoy the partial shade of the patio, and maybe someday I will work on the “secret garden” area on the side of the house.winding curbThe “long and winding curb” is holding up well.

The hummingbird mosaic toilet (it’s a long story; if you’re new, read here and here for explanations) isn’t quite finished but almost. The gems on the sidewalk are still looking good.

And finally, a look at the fences at each end of the yard. (Truth in blogging #1: The grass is green because of the rain, not because I’ve been doing a good job watering it.)Foster by door(Truth in blogging #2: Not everybody gets to go out in the back yard.)clean feetBut your feet stay ever so much cleaner that way!

17 thoughts on “Whimsical Garden Update

  1. Your garden’s looking lovely. It’s come on so well. The first thing that struck me was the grass. Mine’s so threadbare. A raccoon does sound pretty alarming, just as well Foster’s a house cat.

    It’s a lovely sunny day here and I’m going to plant the three bargain rose bushes I got yesterday: 75% off everything at the garden centre (you can imagine the queues). It’s Day One of Lockdown today and the silence is amazing!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like my garden… and my grass will be as threadbare as yours by summer, I’m sure. That’s a pretty good bargain on the rose bushes. I had roses ago that did pretty well but it’s been a long time since I’ve had any success with them. Have fun planting them and say hi to Luna, Lavender and Froggy for us 😋🐱🐼

  2. It is all very lovely and a beautiful garden can help you forget the world for a bit. On my porch my Christmas cactus is starting to bloom and that means there is hope. Stay safe and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Here in Monrovia we have raccoons aplenty, they travel through the storm drains. I also enjoy watching them from behind glass, because they are so cute, but have some wicked looking claws. They are the reason I have a permanent alarm set on my phone to be sure to shut the chickens in for the night.

    I love the fun you are stashing throughout your yard and when your irises establish, spring will be even more bountiful.

    Stay safe, Belinda

    1. Hi Belinda! I can’t imagine raccoons in the storm drains! 😱 However I do have squirrels on my roof… I have read that raccoons can be pretty mean so I don’t blame you about the chickens!! Take care! 💖

  4. Love your whimsical garden! So tidy and full of your artistry! We occasionally see raccoons around here because there are so many woods… and it’s always disconcerting because of the boys being indoor/outdoor cats. If I had it to do over I’d maybe remove the outdoor privileges, but they SO LOVE to go out!

    1. Thanks for the compliment on the tidiness of my garden… you’ll notice that not even “truth in blogging” could get me to add the pictures of my “work area” and shelves under the patio…😬 If you saw that part you would think otherwise 😋. Yes I figured you guys probably had raccoons up there. Most likely Tiger and Benji know not to mess with them if they do see any!

      1. Ohh too bad 😾
        I think Humanmom won’t let us outside either, we may not even go on the balcony anymore (thanks to escape artist Annie😸)

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