“Why Mosaic?” Part 2

Why mosaic? Let me count the reasons…

rooster 3When you are working on a mosaic, there is no pandemic. There is no street violence. There is no stress. There is nothing but color, texture, and design. It is a true escape.

It’s so much fun to see a new pattern developing!Foster with catIt’s also fun to see the reactions of others when they see your work.

You get to experiment with different “tesserae”, and learn new vocabulary words, like “tesserae”.

You learn important information, like the fact that not all tesserae is as it appears. Who would have thought these “metal beads” were not metal?

You find out other stuff, not the least of which being that you never use wood as a substrate for an outdoor mosaic. For more on this, you can see “It Was a Good Idea…”

You can transform your bathtub / shower into an undersea wonderland. If you haven’t seen the “Sea Animals” adventure, it all started with“Because I Can”.peacock problemWhen making a mosaic you get to figure out problems like how to connect two pieces when your design is too big for the mesh.hallway 2Plus you get cool decor for your house.

If you like a particular design, there are lots of variations you can experiment with.

If you like art, you can try doing a mosaic based on a whimsical drawing.

You can work indoors or out.

You will learn that non sanded black grout is not that fun to work with.black groutAnd that you can’t put grout on thin plastic and expect it to stick for long.

And don’t be too upset if you have a “Great Gecko Fail”!paint brushYou can pretend you are an archaeologist in your own back yard.empty jarsPlus look at how many empty containers you will have to put things in!big eyes 2Need I say more?



12 thoughts on ““Why Mosaic?” Part 2

  1. I can only agree with the previous comments. It’s been quite a journey and your bathroom still brings a smile to my face. That rooster is spectacular, truly a prince among birds. But the best is the expression on Foster’s face at the end: ‘what now, mom?!’

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