A Shred of Evidence

So Mom decided to shred some stuff…

on foldersYou may remember from our post “Social Distancing With Foster and Panda” that one thing Mom has been doing while staying home is shredding stuff. With all this extra time on her hands, she decided it was the perfect time to organize. Or “declutter”, if you will.watching mom organizeI guess you also know, if you’ve read “Mainly Concerning Books”, she has always been into family history. So not all the old papers she’s got around here get shredded. (Unless I get carried away playing with her piles of beloved letters, in which case she has to quickly move them “out of reach of children and pets”…)sleeping in boxBut back to shredding. By far the best thing about when humans shred stuff is that there are always so many boxes!in box with shredsThe other good thing is that shredding makes and incredible mess everywhere! Those little pieces of shredded paper are fun to play with, and I can only imagine they would be fun to roll around in, were one allowed to do so.

You can play “Zoo” and pretend you are scaring people by reaching out of your cage!looking at shreddersSpeaking of scaring people, I might mention here that I’m not the least bit afraid of the shredders.

I am also not afraid of looking to make sure Mom doesn’t shred anything she shouldn’t.

Not these, Mom. This stuff looks pretty important.

Most of the spaces created by Mom organizing and shredding papers…

asleep …are just my size.in plastic box 3Others, not so much.

Sometimes I like to play “Find the hidden cat”.

And sometimes I just supervise from afar.

I do, however, have one question.shreddingHow is Mom getting anything done when she’s spending so much time taking pictures of me?

21 thoughts on “A Shred of Evidence

  1. Sandy Kilby

    That was an adorable blog. I enjoyed it so much. My kitty, Mocha, is very old and doesn’t do all those fun things any more, bless her heart. I do miss those days of boxes and drawers and bags that she use to crawl into. Foster is fun to watch.

    1. Thanks Sandy! Poor Mocha, I know how it is when kitties get too old to do what they used to do. But I’m sure she is still a devoted pet. Foster is fun to watch, I agree! I’m just glad he’s old enough to need less supervision than he did as a kitten!

    1. Thanks! Usually if Foster is asleep in the other room and he hears the shredder, he will come in to check out what I’m doing! And his antics then become “blog material” 😂

  2. Charlee: “I’m not afraid of the shredder either. When I hear it, I come running in and try to grab the papers out of the slot while it’s pulling them in!”
    Chaplin: “And that’s why Dada locks you out of the office when he’s shredding things.”

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