A Trip to the DMV

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a amazingThis is Foster with another special news report. Our roving reporter, Panda, has been on location with Mom at the Department of Motor Vehicles for most of the day. a panda in lineIt looks like Mom and Panda are standing in line now. Let’s listen in and see what he has to say.a panda almost to bushesWell, Foster, we’ve been standing in line since just before 8:00 this morning. The DMV opens at 8:00, so Mom thought we should get here early. Unbeknownst to us, a lot of other people were thinking the same thing.close upWow, Panda, that looks like a pretty long line!line on MondayWell, actually, Foster, it’s not as bad as it could be. Mom showed me this screen shot of how long the line was when she came here on Monday. That’s why she just kept on driving.looking shockedThat’s ridiculous! Why didn’t she just make an appointment? Wouldn’t that have been a lot easier?a panda points to lineWell, Foster, that would make sense, but right now the DMV isn’t making any new appointments. First they had to reschedule all the appointments that got cancelled during the shutdown. So you can still go in, but you just have to be prepared to stand in line. You’ll notice that, just like I reported from Fig Garden, there are lines on the sidewalk to show you where to stand. You have to have your mask on, and you still have to be at least six feet apart. a close upAww man, that just makes the line seem longer. So how are all the people taking it? They look pretty calm.a Panda and Enter signWell, Foster, that’s one thing I have to say, the people are surprisingly good-natured about it. People are looking at their phones. or talking to each other. The people behind us in line even brought their lawn chairs to sit on. It only took us around a half hour to get to this sign. We figured we were almost to the door, so that wasn’t too bad.a Panda by arrowBut when we got to the “Enter” sign we realized that what we were entering was a line sort of like what they have at Disneyland. So there were way more people ahead of us than we had previously thought!a on shelfWell that was an unpleasant surprise! And while we’re on the subject, are you telling me you’ve been to Disneyland? And why was I never informed of this?a panda in line with hatNo, Foster, I’ve never been to Disneyland. I’m only going on what Mom was saying. You can see behind me that the line just keeps getting longer and longer! It’s also very hot and humid out here. Mom was saying she probably should have worn a hat.a Panda looking forwardOnce we got closer to the end of the building we were all curious to know what was around the corner. A few of us tried to see up ahead, but it wasn’t much use.a panda by wallIt turns out, once we turned the corner, they were taking people’s temperatures and asking the Covid Questions.Foster on top of chairThat’s alarming! What are the Covid Questions? Did you know the answers?

Well, they only asked Mom, and I guess she passed. She was always pretty good in school. After they took our temperatures, they gave us a sticker that said “DMV Screened”.a by waterWell that was nice. Okay so after you got screened they let you in the building, right?a panda on benchUmm, that’s a negative, Foster. a close up of tagThe next thing they did was give Mom a little piece of paper and they texted her a link she had to check periodically to see when it was going to be our turn.a selfie in car both stickersAnd what’s worse, they sent us back to wait in the car!a amazedOh my word! This is absolutely too much! So how long did you have to wait?Number 12Well, Foster, we were number 12 when we went back to our car. As you can see on this screen shot, at 9:45 am, Mom’s phone was down to 24% power. When we got in the car, she tried charging it with the charging cord she has in there, but it wasn’t working. She said she thought the wire inside was broken. Number 9So by 10:21 we were down to 13%. Mom kept having to turn her phone off for a few minutes so it could gain a little bit of power so she could keep checking our wait time. Needless to say, she was getting a little nervous, because we had now been here for about two and a half hours, and she wasn’t about to miss her turn because her phone had died. It was about then that she noticed there was a CVS just across the street. She decided to walk over there and buy a new charging cord. a by waterSo Panda, I’ve been wanting to ask you this. Is the DMV like, on another planet or something? The atmosphere looks so different where you are.You’re right, it kind of looks that way. The air quality has been really bad. It’s because of all the wildfires going on in California right now. Haven’t you been outside lately?a looking out windowDude, I’m an indoor cat, remember? How would I know that stuff? Anyway, was Mom able to charge her phone after that?Number 7Yes, she was. And it was a good thing, too! By the time she got back from CVS, we were number 7 in line, and we were down to 8% power. At 10:45 we made it to number 3, in line, so Mom decided to walk over to the building and wait. At 10:53 they let her inside.a funnyWow, Panda, I’m just saying, that was a long time just to go to the DMV. What time did she finally get done with everything?a panda by starbucksWell, Foster, it was 11:39 by the time she came out. I guess I don’t have to tell you we stopped and got some delicious ice coffee on the way home. I don’t mind telling you, Foster, that I am absolutely exhausted! I’m ready for some serious quiet time. so sleepyMe, too, Panda! I’m exhausted from just listening to you!

14 thoughts on “A Trip to the DMV

    1. I know, he really does have a lot of different expressions 😋 I had been putting off going because I knew it would take a long time. But once I realized everything can be “blog material” I started thinking of where Panda could be standing and taking photos with the post in mind. So that made the time go by a little faster😆

  1. Golly, what a wait! I can see why those people brought their chairs. I admire your persistence, but as you said, it offered great reporting material. Well done to the guys for that!
    I’ve applied online for our MV licence discs, but the department has a massive backlog. We’re carrying print outs of the email acceptance and proof of payment in case we get stopped by the cops.
    Most places are open here now but masks and social distancing are still required, which is absolutely fine. Keep safe 🙂

    1. Oh wow! At least they give you something to prove you’ve paid. If I could have done mine online I would have. In fact I scoured the DMV website to find out if I could. I was transferring titles on two vehicles so I had to go in person. But as soon as I started planning out the “news report” and imagining where Panda could be standing, etc. it wasn’t so bad. I just had to try to surreptitiously photograph the empty bench and different places I wanted him to be without people looking at me like I was crazy. 😂

  2. Was this all just for a renewal? if yes then – WOW – that’s just not right!! I did both mine and my sisters DL renewal as well as both our vehicle renewals all online. It only took about 2weeks to get our new DL’s (I also love that they simply use the last pic on file – not so many wrinkles – LOL!!) and the vehicle renewals only took about a week. The funny part is the vehicles were both done this last April in the early stages of the pandemic!?! We don’t live in the Denver area now, we have been small farming it in northeastern Colorado for 20 yrs now so nothing changes – maybe that helped? Sorry it took you all morning and what a mess. At least they allowed you to get a digit and go about your business while you wait instead of having to just sit right there and be bored to death. I guess we are pretty lucky here as most government things can all be done online or through the mail. Glad you had Panda to support you!

    1. Hi! Actually, if I could have done my paperwork online I would have. I had to change the titles of a couple of vehicles and there wasn’t a way to do it without going in😕 But once I realized that just about everything is, in fact, “blog material”, I started thinking about how I could make it into a “Panda and Foster news report”, and so I took pictures with that in mind. 😀🐱🐼

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