Pets From The Past Part 3

At least I think it’s Part 3…

To be honest, I’m making this post in order to practice using the “new” WordPress Block Editor. I have been putting it off, and finally decided to try it out today. But I figured I needed to start with something simple, so since I had “Pets From the Past” photos already cropped and ready to go, I’m going with it.

The grouping of several photos together is called a “gallery”, and I do think this is much easier to use than the old way, which didn’t give you as much control. One good thing about the Block Editor is that you can change the photos to different filters, or tones. For these, since they’re “vintage”, I used Sepia tone.

You can also go with plain black and white. I tried this with a single photo, however, and I didn’t see the same icon for changing the filter. But I figured out how to copy and paste a “gallery” and redo the filter.

Then, it turns out that you can rearrange the photos in your “gallery” by clicking on them and using the left or right arrows that appear at the top.

So this is a pretty handy feature. You can also delete the individual photos by clicking on the little X at the top right. When you select the photo you want to move, it apparently goes back to its original color until you are finished moving it around. Now let’s see what we can do with individual photos.

This one is entitled “Scout and Curtains”. You can make an individual photo into a rounded shape. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t see any other shapes to use, but there might be some.

This is when Punkin was pretending he was a sea otter, in the early 1980s.

For this photo I will write in the “Write a Caption” field. Not sure I’m crazy about this option. I think it makes the text too small.

But after checking the preview mode for “Mobile” devices, I couldn’t get out of that screen without exiting out of the draft altogether and starting the editing process over again.

Okay I get it now. The preview isn’t quite the same as the old one was. Before, you would have to click out of your preview in order to go back to writing your post. With this version, you can edit right in the preview you’ve chosen. To go back to where you were before, you just change the preview to “Desktop”.

So that wasn’t bad.

This time I tried adding a photo that had not been previously resized for internet. Normally I resize my photos down to about 640 x 480, because they would take forever to load up onto the blog if I didn’t. But knowing I don’t necessarily have to do that could come in handy at times.

This is Bear, who was my dad’s cat years ago. The story behind him is much too interesting to not tell, but for now we’ll just content ourselves with the photos. My “practice session” with the new WordPress Block Editor is about to come to a close, while I can still entertain any remote illusions about being at least somewhat “tech savvy.”

However, I’ll leave you with this. This is a fish we once had, dubbed “Clarabelle” by my granddaughter in around 2012. Although you see Scout as a kitten looking into the aquarium, she was actually not involved in the fish’s demise. In fact, Scout was a kitten in 1998, so the fish she’s looking at isn’t even Clarabelle. The kids really liked the aquarium, and probably paid more attention to it than we did whenever they came over.

So I’m glad to be able to report that the grandchildren, rather than being traumatized by the fact that Clarabelle had expired moments before they walked into our house, provided her with a proper burial underneath the persimmon tree.

Where she is, as far as I know, to this day.

15 thoughts on “Pets From The Past Part 3

  1. Wonderful pictures! And thanks for your play by play with the block editor. I’ve been using it for the past few months and also like some of the features you mention. I’ve only used the Gallery a few times but I like the possibilities and how you used it in your post.

  2. Charlee: “We love seeing all the old pictures of pets from the past!”
    Chaplin: “We can see that the cats of days gone by were a lot like the cats of today!”
    Lulu: “Our Dada says your fish got a better burial than any of our fish ever have. I don’t think I want to know what he means by that …”

  3. We love all old pictures of our human, sometimes she takes the time to look at them.
    Thnaks for sharing the pics and your digital effort 😺
    purs Annie&Charlie

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