12 thoughts on “New Computer

  1. Oh oh oh, I feel your pain! I too have forgotten/lost my Microsoft password. I don’t necessarily need it at the moment, but one day… I don’t even want to think about it. 😦
    On a more practical note, I have an ‘external hard drive’ which I use for backing things up from my laptop (when I remember). You can use that to transfer a huge amount of files, like a massive memory stick. A good safe place for photos too.
    On another practical note, I think it wise not to try and bite your own foot (unless you’re a cat, of course). 😉

    1. Thanks for the idea! Now that you mention it, I have one too! Mark had gotten it for me years ago and used to ask me every now and then if I was backing up my stuff. Of course I usually hadn’t 😬. But at least I know where it is. I would not have thought of that on my own, so I’m glad you reminded me!
      And, frustrated as I was, I’m glad I didn’t quite reach foot biting level! 😂😂

  2. Eileen Johnson

    Hi Debbie, How FRUSTRATING! I have all of my photos on a external hard drive AND I burn them on disks. Plus I make photo books through Shutterfly. I’m half way through 2017… Luckily I enjoy making these books, but they do take a lot of time.
    Mark and I have been thinking of you with your part of the state on fire. Finally our air quality is in the GOOD zone. Did you get Mark’s email about Nels and Gail? Their fire danger has now passed, for the time being.
    Virtual Hugs,
    Eileen and Mark

    1. Hi Eileen! I have been wanting to make some books through Shutterfly using the old family photos and letters I have been scanning. I did get the email, and had forgotten that there would be fires where they live😬
      We were all glad they are safe! We saw the blue sky here in Fresno for the first time in weeks.

  3. Somehow I missed this post, but better late than never! I love the pictures of Foster, as usual. And I can definitely relate to the pain of getting photos onto a new computer. I finally bought an external drive and periodically back up my pictures to make the next move easier. For some reason I’ve stayed away from OneDrive, being a bit suspicious of storing things ‘on the cloud.’ I’ll be interested to know how that works for you. 🙂

    1. Actually I haven’t been able to figure out the OneDrive yet. I had an external hard drive that I’d forgotten about, until Chris from Luna’s Online suggested it in her comment, and that worked really well. I also tried uploading photos from the old computer to Google Drive and then accessing them on the new one and downloading from there. That worked too, but Google Drive uploads seemed to take forever. I’m just happy that the new laptop works so much better than the old one 😀

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