Good News at Fig Garden

Hi everyone, thanks for joining us! As you can see, someone in our house appears to have been to Bath & Body Works recently. But if you remember, Bath & Body has been closed for the longest time, due to Social Distancing. Let’s check in with Panda, who is on location at Fig Garden, to find out what’s going on.

Thanks, Foster. Here at Fig Garden Village, there have been some changes. If you remember, the last time I was here, Mom and Aunt Gail’s favorite store, Bath & Body Works, was still closed. But I’m pleased to report that it has recently opened up.

Wow, Panda, that’s awesome! Is everything back to normal, then?

Well, not quite, Foster. First of all, only eighteen people are allowed in the store at a time. Then, you have to pick up your own bag here by the door, and they have sanitizer for the customers as they come in. You can see above me that they have the Social Distancing rules posted for all to see.

That doesn’t sound like a very fun way to shop! How were the customers reacting? Were you able to talk to any of them?

Yes, Foster, I was. When I was looking at the shelves a nice lady picked me up so I could see better. She said she was just happy to be able to buy some hand soap and that the Social Distancing rules didn’t really bother her that much.

Well that was nice of her. By the way, Panda, did that nice lady happen to tell you her name?

No, she didn’t. Why do you ask? But she did ask me if I would like to accompany her to Eddie Bauer, which she said was her other favorite store.

They were having a 50% off sale so I helped her select a new shirt. We were in for a pleasant surprised when the workers told us the fitting rooms are now open.

That’s great, Panda! The last time you were there, I remember you saying that people couldn’t try on clothes. So I guess that’s one thing that’s back to normal.

Well, not quite, Foster. First of all, the workers have to sanitize the fitting room after the previous customer. Then they have to unlock the door for you. You have to keep your mask on while trying on your clothes, and if you don’t want to buy the item you tried on, you have to leave it in the room and shut the door behind you.

What a lot of trouble just to try on clothes! I’m sure glad cats don’t have to do that!

Yes, Foster, it was a bit of a pain. But since they were having such a good sale, I decided to try on a few items myself.

Oh, my word, Panda! That’s the last thing I expected you to do. I sincerely hope you didn’t buy anything without Mom’s permission!

Don’t worry, Fos, you know I would never do anything like that without asking Mom first. By the way, those same nice ladies I always see here asked me if I wanted to be in a selfie with them. Fig Garden shoppers are sure friendly, aren’t they?

Well, Panda, thanks for the update. It does look as if things are getting a little better over there. But I need you to come home now. We need to talk…

6 thoughts on “Good News at Fig Garden

  1. Good to see you out and about, and the sky looks nice and clear. Great reporting from Panda, once again. We have similar precautions here, although I’m not sure about the clothes shops. I haven’t bought any these past months.

    1. Yes, it was so nice to see the blue sky! The fires were 39% contained according to the last article I saw… to me that doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s made a huge difference in the air quality 😀 I’ve never been much of a clothes shopper anyway, and I hate trying things on, so I usually just “shop” online.

  2. Panda sure does a good job reporting. Foster is a real cutie as always, Glad to hear things are going the right way slowly. I am a bit worried about the news here in Florida. I mostly keep at home and I guess I am smart to do that. Just saw they were thinking of starting Phase 3 here and reopening restaurants and bars, however, the next news item says over a thousand more COVID cases in Florida. Now who is not thinking clearly here? Strange new world we live in. I hope you, Forster, and Panda are having a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I myself have been staying home as much as possible. Except for the occasional trip to Fig Garden LOL. I’m really glad I’m retired, because distance teaching does not sound fun to me!😬 I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Take care in Florida! 🥰

  3. Good to see you and Panda out and about! Most of the stores have been open here in Washington for quite a while – at least that ones that have made it 😦 – with all the safety precautions in effect. It seems to be working well. 🙂

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