Our House Part 2

I knew my front step wasn’t finished…

It just seemed like it needed something more, so I decided to make a mosaic “welcome mat”.

I love being able to “mark up” photos to get ideas for how something might look. Here I was experimenting with the flower idea.

Finally I was done, and laid it out here to see how it was going to look on the step. It was then that a friend pointed out to me that the step might become slippery if it got wet. That made sense, and the last thing I want is for someone (or me!) to slip on my front porch because of a mosaic.

I toyed with various ideas, such as making it into a sign that I could hang above my door, but I really wanted it to be on the step. Then I realized that the “Welcome” piece was narrow enough to step over if I placed it on the bottom up against the house number. (For info in the house number mosaic, see “Our House”.) I practiced walking up the step and realized that you naturally don’t step on that space anyway, unless you are really shuffling your feet.

So I got it all grouted and I thought it looked pretty good. But something was missing.

The answer was to put these squares on either end. But it still wasn’t complete.

What it really needed was some kind of a border to give it a more finished look.

There were some gaps that needed to be filled before grouting.

Once everything was grouted, I realized I had made quite a mess on the sidewalk. Hopefully it would wash off…

Yay! It seems to be cleaning up nicely. So for now, I THINK it’s done…

22 thoughts on “Our House Part 2

  1. Charlee: “What a pretty welcome for visitors!”
    Chaplin: “We just have a ratty old fabric mat out front that says ‘Dog Is Nuts’.”
    Lulu: “It says what now?”
    Charlee: “Don’t worry, Lulu, I’m pretty sure it was talking about Dennis.”

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