Unbeknownst to Us

Building vocabulary with Foster and Panda

When Panda and Foster’s adventures became popular with the students at our church’s Christian school, I realized that the stories could be a great way for kids to learn vocabulary. As a teacher (albeit retired) of both Spanish and English as a second language, I know that one of the best ways to learn vocabulary is by reading. Students also need high interest content, and repetition of new vocabulary. So, if you’ve ever wondered why certain words and phrases seem to be common throughout the Foster and Panda stories, now you know.


This is one of my favorite words (in case you couldn’t tell). A lot of things were “unbeknownst” to Foster and Panda at first. Fortunately they’ve learned a lot of important information on their adventures!

In Unison

Foster and Panda exclaim a lot of things in unison. This is because they often think alike, and when that happens, two people might say the same thing at the same time.

Before we knew it

On an adventure, a lot can happen before you know it, which is something “the guys” have learned all too well.

What seemed like forever

Adventures involve a lot of walking or riding, often for what seems like forever.

Eyed suspiciously

If you’re going to visit a lot of different places, there is a chance that at least once, someone will eye you suspiciously. Or curiously. Or warily.


If you regularly spiral through outer space or travel to distant lands, you’ll find a lot of views so beautiful that you can only describe them as breathtaking.

So next time you want to learn some vocabulary . . .

. . . just go to the “Categories” on this blog and select “Foster and Panda”. And don’t be surprised if you find many more useful words to add to your vocabulary!

7 thoughts on “Unbeknownst to Us

  1. Lulu: “It’s always best if you can learn a little something while you’re having an adventure!”
    Chaplin: “Right! Like, with Dennis’s adventures, we usually learned something like ‘get rich quick schemes don’t work’ or ‘when things seem to be going well, the ninja hedgehogs are about to attack.”
    Lulu: “I meant learning vocabulary words like what Foster and Panda were talking about.”
    Charlee: “Hmm, well, in that case, the main vocabulary word from Dennis’s adventures was probably ‘aaaaaiiiiiieeee’.”
    Lulu: “I don’t think that’s actually a word.”

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