Would-Be Influencer

A new goal for 2021

Did you ever think of becoming a social media influencer? I did, when I saw this photo on Pinterest the other day. As usual, whenever I see a cool idea on Pinterest, my first thought is, “I could do that!” Not that I thought I could redo my pantry to look like this, but I thought, “I could be an influencer!”

How hard could it be? It seems like you just post pictures of things you’ve made or ideas you’ve thought of, and then hundreds of people see it and want to be just like you. I suppose that influencers somehow make money on their blogs/Instagram/whatever. But I think I’d just be happy to (make friends and) influence people.

So let’s start with the sewing room. Here are some nice ideas I found on Pinterest for how to store your ribbon and trim. “That will be easy,” I thought.

I could probably influence somebody with my efficient method for organizing ribbon and trim.

See? All done! You will need zip-lock baggies to organize your ribbon by color. How long it stays that way is going to depend on how long it is before your next sewing project.

While we’re still in the sewing room, take a look at this great ironing board/storage area someone made. I was pretty sure I could do that.

Not bad for a beginning influencer if I do say so myself. Oh, you say the top of the ironing board is piled high with fabric and unfinished projects? The plastic shelf isn’t all the way covered with fabric and Mod Podge? And you see some ribbon and trim inside the plastic drawers that don’t seem to be efficiently organized by color into zip-lock baggies? Well. Let’s move on…

There are any number of ways to efficiently store your fabric as well. This photo was on Pinterest, and since I’m always looking for ways to store fabric, it immediately caught my eye.

Okay. Do you feel influenced yet?

And plastic bins and drawers are ever so handy!

There’s really no end to the things you can use them for.

I’ve discovered that there are even influencers for your garden and yard. On the left you see the Pinterest yard idea, and on the right you see mine.

However, I think to qualify as a bona fide influencer, you need to actually complete your projects. Just because they don’t help you load your stepping stones and bags of pebbles into your car at Home Depot is no excuse for not going back and getting more.

I have a Pinterest board entitled “If I Were to Cook”. This is one of the recipes I have saved there. But as an up-and-coming influencer, I do believe you have to be honest with your “influencees”.

It’s a lot easier to get these and microwave them for 5 minutes.

Or you could just order out for Pollo Loco.

I love bookshelves! However, I would like to influence you to allow cats on your shelves whenever possible. It gives the shelf just that much more character.

So there you have it! You have just read my first attempt at becoming a world famous influencer. Feel free to use any of these ideas, should you feel influenced to do so. But just remember, you saw them here first!

15 thoughts on “Would-Be Influencer

  1. ROFL! Well, not exactly, but I was laughing on my bed. Seriously though, I must have needed the laugh. This post was hilarious and cute too. Some Pinterest and Instagram ideas don’t always come out exactly as planned.

  2. i honestly love this, i want to create content i like and have people enjoy it, and relate to it, but when i actually go to make worthy content…. it’s low quality mess with too many cats in the background

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