Checkup and Shots, Year 5

So Mom had been telling me it was almost time for my yearly shots.

But I had kind of forgotten about it, and was enjoying a nice nap in my red chair, when before I knew it. . .

…I found myself in my cat carrier in the garage. This did not bode well. When I discovered that Panda was in there with me, I knew it could only mean one thing: we were on our way to the vet!

Yep, I was right, we were at the vet. But it didn’t seem like our usual vet’s office.

The last time Mom took me to our usual vet we were a “walk-in” and she had to leave me there all day because they were so crowded. I won’t bore you with the details, but it turned out there was nothing wrong with me after all.

But I did have to get tests, and for that they had to sedate me, as you can see in these photos. After being in that kennel for eight hours waiting for my turn, I was in no mood to be picked up by anybody, especially by a doctor I’d never seen before! The technician even said I was an unfriendly kitty! It had been awhile since we had seen my favorite vet, Dr. Duran. If she had been there I’m sure I wouldn’t have been so scared.

So pretty soon we were in the exam room at the new vet. I was happy because they let Mom go in there with me. They haven’t done that at our old vet’s office for quite awhile.

We waited for awhile and then the doctor came in. At first I didn’t recognize her because she had on a mask, But then I was Dr. Duran! Turns out Mom had done some research and found out that she is now working at a different office.

Dr. Duran is very patient and waits until you feel comfortable before doing anything to you. She was so happy to see me, and Mom and I were happy to see her, too.

She couldn’t believe how big I had gotten since she’d last seen me.

She said I was so soft and majestic looking, and that Mom was taking such good care of me! She was also glad to see Panda again.

We told her about some of our recent adventures and Mom showed her pictures from our blog. In fact, we showed the blog to just about everyone. The thing they liked the best was the picture of Dr. Duran holding me in August of 2016 when I was only 5 weeks old.

As you can see I’ve grown quite a bit since my first checkup with Dr. Duran.

So after my shots we came home and then it was “quiet time”. We were all glad we had found Dr. Duran again!

16 thoughts on “Checkup and Shots, Year 5

  1. Trips to the vet’s are never good, but how lovely to have tracked down your favourite lady, and good to know you’re A-Okay!

    My, what a big and beautiful cat you are, Foster! Luna’s tiny by comparison, nearer Panda’s size in fact. She makes up for her small size by having a very loud voice (quite embarrassing in the vet’s) and she wriggles like a little eel when being examined. Fortunately, there’s a lovely young male assistant called Precious, who keeps her under control.

    1. Yes we were happy to find her, too. Good to know you have a special person at your vet who has a good rapport with Luna!

      Even I was amazed at how big Foster is in the photos. He always looks smaller to me at home, until I see him from a different perspective like that. 🐱🐼

  2. Charlee: “You are definitely a lot bigger than you were when you first met Dr. Duran, that’s for sure!”
    Chaplin: “Maybe Dr. Duran just got smaller?”
    Charlee: “No, I’m pretty sure that isn’t how it works …”

    1. Funny you should say that, because that’s what the ladies in the office said when Mom showed them the picture from Dr Duran and me when I was a baby! Chaplin may have a point there…

    1. Aww man! That’s too bad. I always ask if it’s okay and she always says yes. She even took a picture for me once at the former location when she took Foster back for his shots. She offered to take Panda back there too so he could be in the picture. 😂 It’s in one of my “vet visit” posts.

  3. That’s so awesome that you found your favorite doctor again. It makes a difference, doesn’t it? Now for that technician who labeled you an unfriendly kitty…

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