Panda’s Pajamas

Okay, I have to admit this is a little embarrassing.

Mom decided I needed a new outfit…again! She says it’s because Foster and I play so rough that I’m always getting holes in me and she’s afraid my stuffing will come out.

She’s repaired me so many times, but now she says even my patches need patches!

So it might not surprise you that a couple of days ago I found myself in the sewing room trying on fabric for my new clothes. Mom said it had to be a one-piece outfit because that would protect my stuffing better. It’ll be like a jumpsuit, she said.

It’ll look good, she said.

Umm…it looks like pajamas!

“Mom, you know I love you this much…but pajamas?”

Not even with a hat. It looks like pajamas with a hat.

Plus she sewed the back of it closed! I guess this precludes any more trying on clothes at Eddie Bauer with Aunt Gail.

As usual, she put me in the front room to see what Foster would do.

“Dude! Pajamas? Really?”

Finally she got the idea to find my jeans. You might remember, they are the ones I wore when we went to Yosemite. The elastic was coming out in the back, but she sewed it up again.

And yes, that is a real pocket!

Okay this is much better. I think we’re ready to go on another adventure now!

16 thoughts on “Panda’s Pajamas

    1. Oh Cliff, I’m so sorry that Chris isn’t feeling well! I’ve been concerned as I haven’t seen any new posts on her blog lately. Please give her my love and thank you so much for your comment. I’ll be praying!🙏🏻🐱🐼

  1. Charlee: “No no no, you don’t look like you’re wearing pajamas.”
    Chaplin: “You look like you’re getting ready to burgle something!”
    Charlee: “Which may I add we are totally in favor of. So is Bean, right, Bean?”
    Java Bean: “Stealing things FTW!”
    Lulu: “Hey our Dada has a few toys that got put into suits because their furs wore out, like his little teddy bear who wears a red suit and a hat, and his rabbit got a whole new skin. He used to be purple and yellow and now he’s brown. Anyway, whatever clothes they put you in, you’ll always be Panda!”

    1. 🐼Panda: Aww, thanks, guys! Nice to know about your Dada’s stuffies. We’re like the Velveteen Rabbit!
      🐱Foster: Well I hope Mom doesn’t try to make anything for me! Once I heard her say I was the “cat’s pajamas”!
      🐼Panda:Oh wow, dude! Don’t even think about it!

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