More Blog Material

So, being a cat, I often find myself the subject of “blog material”.

The problem is, Mom is constantly taking pictures of me, citing “blog material” as the reason, but then she never seems to use most of them in our actual blog. So the other day she said I could pick out some pictures and do my own post.

Of course, we can’t leave Panda out! Mom said she likes this one because of the way the sunlight is on the recliner.

She likes this one because of the “composition”. Notice the cup from Zazzle with my baby picture on it, and Panda in the background with his sock hat on. And me? Well, she was crocheting something and I was just supervising in case she dropped a piece of yarn. Or anything.

We both like this one for the way it highlights my whiskers. Awhile back, Mom did a post especially about cat whiskers, so click this link if you missed that one.

This is when I was practicing my backstroke just in case I ever go swimming. It doesn’t seem that hard, really.

I think you’ve seen a picture of our jigsaw puzzle before. This was before Mom painted the accent walls in the front living room. I always enjoy pretending I’m on the boat with Jesus and the disciples.

I won’t lie and say I never try to scratch on the puzzle, and sometimes Mom has to glue the pieces back again. She’s thinking of getting a regular copy of the print and putting it in a frame so I can’t mess with it.

I guess you know by now that all our houseplants are fake, but Mom thought this was a cool picture anyway. If you want to read about some of our ill-fated plants, you can see “Alas, Poor Charlie!” or “Sunny the Sunflower”.

This one is kind of old, because if you look carefully, you can see that the sago palm was still in its clay pot at the edge of the flowerbed. We like this even though there is some dirt on the windowsill. Mom believes in “truth in blogging” or she would have tried to photoshop it out. That or she just didn’t want to go to all the trouble to do it.

Sometimes I like being “vintage” in the front room.

I also make it a point to sit on top of Mom’s crossword puzzle books whenever the opportunity arises.

And sometimes I have to put my feet down and tell her to get off the iPad. Too much screen time isn’t good for you, even if it is Pinterest.

And for my next trick . . .

Yep, it’s all a matter of determination!

Can I help you?

Here I am with my catnip turtle. He’s not as much fun as Panda, but we do play sometimes.

Mom likes this one because of the silhouette effect. The cutting table you see here is now out of the sewing room and on the back patio, but that’s a post in itself. More on that later.

Well, that was fun. Now to think of what to do next.

18 thoughts on “More Blog Material

  1. You are certainly picturesque, Foster. My two kittens Ringo and Michelle send their greetings and hope that soon there will be lots of photos taken of them. At present, they are only three months old,

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