My First Year With Mom


Hi everyone, it’s me, Foster! August 2, 2016 was my first day in my new home with Mom! So I just celebrated my one year birthday of being adopted! In honor of my first year, Mom and I have put together a collage for each month since she adopted me. She said I could write the captions! Hope you enjoy them!
August collage ab
I was so happy to come to my new home! The very first thing I did was check out all the houseplants and everything that was in the living room. The next day I met my new best friend, Panda! As the month progressed I had lots of fun adventures, including my first vet visit, learning how to do art, and I even tasted Starbuck’s and edamame for the first time.
September baby pics
September was an exciting month for me, with my second vet visit, learning how to sew and paint, sleeping on the windowsill, and just chilling with my best friend Panda!
October 1
October was a fun month, because I got to do a lot of things I was too little to do before. I could climb on more things, and knock more things over. In October Mom had jury duty, and Panda and I got to stay home all day by ourselves for over a week. Plus I learned how to get up onto the mantle in the living room!
Nov 2
In November Mom put up shelves for me to climb on, and I was sure glad I had them because that’s the month I saw my first DOG! The worst part was that it stayed at our house for a couple of DAYS! Also in November, Mom tried to make a Roman shade out of some Venetian blinds, and even though I helped her as much as I could, for some reason she never finished them.
December collage
In December I had the exciting adventure of going to Grandma’s for Christmas! I got to ride in the car, which was both scary and fun. I got a few new things, like my cat tunnel and my collapsible laundry basket tunnel. We had a few issues with a plant named Charlie, and Mom started taking selfies of me when I would snuggle up by her.
January collage
In January I helped Mom paint a Talavera fish and did some sewing. I discovered there were bunkbeds in the guest room and I met my Outside Friend, Molly, for the first time.
Feb Collage
In February I got to stay home by myself for 5 nights, because Mom got stranded in Nevada due to road conditions. I had a blast with my friends Carlos and Kate, who came every day to play with me. Mom practiced her photoshop skills and I even helped her put together a new chair she ordered from Amazon.
March collage
March was fun because Mom put up a new shelf for me on the windowsill in the living room. We went to Grandma’s again, and Mom practiced her  photo editing some more. Still, my favorite thing was to get on her lap and snuggle!
April collage
In April Mom made me a shelf for one of the bedroom windows, and her friend made me a blanket with my name embroidered on it! It was in April when I learned how fun it was to play in my water dish, and I noticed the bathroom sink was getting smaller!
May Collage
In May I helped Mom organize the sewing room and helped her to shred some old papers. One day she tried to put a HARNESS on me, and THAT wasn’t going to happen! I guess she was thinking she could take me outside on a leash someday. I also enjoyed playing in various boxes and bags.
June Collage
In June Mom bought a Litter Genie for my litterbox. I decided to try it out for size. Speaking of size, it seems like every month I am getting bigger and bigger! Mom made another shelf for the bedroom, and I took over the wooden chair that got left in the front room after a birthday party Mom gave for one of her friends.
July Collage
In July Mom got another plastic plant. The bathroom sink continued to get smaller. On the Fourth of July there was a lot of noise outside, but Panda and I weren’t a bit scared. I watched out the front window from my new cat tower.
August 2017
And finally we get to THIS month, August 2017.  Thanks for celebrating with us by sharing our memories of my first year!