Assembly Required!

We got a new chair!

inspectingboxSo this giant box came the other night. That in itself was exciting for me, since after all, we cats know that boxes are always as much fun as whatever is in them.ontopofboxMom was busy working on something else, and I had to keep getting her attention until she finally came in and opened it.boxopenWhat could it be?inboxMom was taking too long to unpack the box. I decided to help, but she made me get out.onboxlookingJust give me a second, I totally get this!
goinginbagKind of smells like a chair…inbagJust let me get a better look…lookingupOkay, we got it out of the bag. Now what?fosterwithdirectionsBetter read the directions!directionsWait, what?? It takes two humans to put this together? Well that’s not happening! I’ll just have to be the feline helper and hope for the best.inchair2Oh yay! It is a chair!inchairWhat do you mean, it’s not done yet?chairwithcushionMom, I don’t think this cushion is in right!chairdoneLooks great!inchair3

Thanks, Mom!

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