The Rest of the Story

So I see Foster has told you about our new chair.

pandaonfloorIf you’ve read either “The Puppet Room” or “The Blue Dresser”, you already know that my front living room has been in a constant state of change. Or chaos, depending on how you want to look at it. It has evolved from a front room nobody ever used to a storage room for Sunday school “stuff”, mainly props for puppet shows and mini-dramas, object lessons or skits. But lately I’ve wanted to make it look more like an actual “room”, where a visitor who was only going to stay a short time could sit down comfortably and not be surrounded by, well… puppet stuff.redchairOne thing I needed was a nice chair. After perusing Amazon I found one that looked like it would work. Having already ordered and put together a chair from Amazon for my room, I didn’t think this one would be too hard.

This is my first “put together” chair. You will see that my fox plus one hedgehog “collection” has grown a bit since you last saw it. (Truth in blogging: A huge pile of clothing and unfolded laundry was removed from this chair in order to properly photograph the “collection”.)

So in the previous post, Foster shared with you the process of opening the box and assembling the chair.

I have to tell you right now that this was like assembling a chair with a little kid in the room. Like about a two year old. This cat was into everything! I know he was only trying to help (or possibly supervise) but if it hadn’t been such good “blog material” I probably would have put him up in the other room until the chair was finished. fosterwithdirectionsIt’s amazing how directions always tell you to have another person help you with these projects. We (by “we” I mean Foster and I) found this out when assembling the trampoline, the new toilet, and now this. I had to laugh to myself. If they only knew!chairdoneSo finally the chair was fully assembled. I thought it looked pretty good. But now there needed to be a place to put it. This was going to involve rearranging furniture.ballsunderdresserI figured I was going to have to move the blue dresser over. When I did, lo and behold, I discovered where all the catnip mice, ping pong balls, and whiffle balls had gone to! underdresserAll right-y then!arrangementMy goal was to have no plastic bins remaining in the room. And whenever you rearrange furniture, you have to try it different ways to see which way you like best.anotherviewAround this time I decided the blue dresser should go back where it had been when I first got it. This was going to necessitate moving the sideways shelf, which, if left sideways, would take up way too much room. So the only answer was to stand it back upright like shelves are supposed to be in the first place.onbedSomewhere in the midst of all this, I realized my trusty assistant was nowhere to be found. A quick search revealed that he had “put himself up” in the bedroom where it probably seemed a lot safer.shelfuprightOkay now we’re getting somewhere. In case you’ve noticed that the clock has said 5 minutes to 9:00 in all the pictures you’ve ever seen of this wall, that’s because one of two things has happened. A) My front room is in a time warp where time has been frozen for the past several years, or B) the clock stopped several years ago and has never been reset. Remind me to do something about that…viewfromchairI had to sit down in the new chair and see if you could see the litter box from its new diagonal placement behind the “safari curtain”. Good enough for now, I decided. While I was at it I put all of Foster’s toys on the trampoline. (He has already taken some of them off and pushed them back under the blue dresser, but that’s probably a post in itself.)pandaonfloor2I’ve noticed the new chair does seem to attract cat hair, but I’ll worry about that later. It has been claimed by its new owner, which apparently is not me.cathair

And that, my friends, is the rest of the story.

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