You Can Hide But You Can’t Run

Indoor cats have to get creative.

So one thing about us cats is that we love to hide. Not that we necessarily have anything to hide from, it’s just part of our nature. There’s just something about knowing that nobody can find you that appeals to us.

If you’re an outdoor cat, you have an endless supply of hiding places. You can go in other people’s yards, and even get stuck in people’s sheds, like Cousin Tom Cat did once. You can hide under cars and in trees. But as an indoor cat, I don’t have that luxury, so I’ve had to get creative about my hiding places.

The sewing room has a lot of potential hiding places, mostly because of how messy it usually is in there. Mom can’t even find some of her sewing supplies in here, so what makes you think she would find me?

I found this book on drawing cats in there once. But I haven’t noticed her drawing any pictures of me lately!

Sometimes I hide just outside the sewing room door. That way I can supervise Mom’s craft projects without her noticing me.

Then again, it’s sometimes best to actually be in the sewing room with her.

You may have seen this one before, if you’ve read “Social Distancing with Foster and Panda”.

I am a master of incognito! Who needs a surveillance system with me around?

Look carefully. This is something Mom would send to Aunt Gail and say, “Find the hidden cat!”

I’m sure you all know how much cats like windowsills. But windowsills come with a certain element of risk. I won’t lie, just today I fell on Mom while she was lying in bed reading and scratched the top of her head by mistake. I think I got too excited watching the birds outside and forgot I was on the shelf. Mom said it’s a good thing she already has white hair, because she had to put peroxide on the scratch. She said if you have dark hair, peroxide can give it an orange tint.

The bedspread is very handy for hiding under, even if it’s in the middle of the day.

Sometimes I manage to sleep in Mom’s chair for a while before she finds me.

Ahh! Nothing like a secret sleeping place under your own red chair!

This tunnel doesn’t fly like our white one, but it makes a good hiding place every now and then.

Don’t know how she found me under here!

It kind of goes without saying about boxes being a favorite hiding place.

However, not all boxes are created equal. The clear plastic ones don’t hide you that well.

Christmas decorations are fun to hide behind. Funny, the bells and that bow didn’t stay up for long…

I might mention here that wherever Mom is, I can usually find her!

Not sure which is prettier, me or the shower curtain.

You can hide behind lamps if they are big enough.

Or you can just pretend to be the lamp and hope nobody will notice.

Excuse me? I’m trying to sleep in here!

This isn’t a hiding place exactly, but Mom just likes this picture, so she told me to include it here. She thinks I look vintage in front of Grandpa Emil Johnson’s “Autumn” painting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my favorite hiding places, and if you’re an indoor cat, I hope I’ve given you some new ideas. I have lots more hiding places, but I don’t have pictures because Mom hasn’t found me in them yet. So until she does, happy hiding!

16 thoughts on “You Can Hide But You Can’t Run

      1. Jennifer

        You can never have enough cat pictures!!! I have eight cats, so my phone is full!!! You are so gifted and creative!

  1. Charlee: “That’s some good hiding there, Foster! I too like to hide, especially when people come to the house. I disappear until they’re gone. But Dada usually can find me.”
    Chaplin: “That’s because you always hide under the IKEA sofa. You’ve got to mix it up a little.”
    Oona: “I AM EXCELLENT AT HIDING BECAUSE I AM DARK LIKE A NINJA!!! Well except if I have my eyes or my mouth open. AND I ALWAYS HAVE MY MOUTH OPEN!”

    1. Foster: Thanks, guys! I’m a pretty good hider if I do say so myself.
      Panda: Our cousin Inky was like you, Oona, he had to have a bell on his collar so they wouldn’t trip over him in the dark!
      Foster: Dude, don’t give their Dada any ideas, you’ll blow her cover!

  2. Holy Smokes, that is a lot of hiding places. Dad still hasn’t found all of ours and we like to watch him wandering around calling our names but we don’t come out til he is not looking and surprise him.

    1. That’s what I do too. It’s always fun to show up when she least expects it! It’s when she says “Ok, Fos, I’m not playing with you,” that I usually decide to come out.

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